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  • Sofia Vergara

    Sofia Vergara – real or enhanced?

  • Nikki Cox

    Nikki Cox – career killing plastic surgery.

  • Lynda Carter

    Although to be fair, Ms. Carter denies ever having any surgery to help slow the hands of time. 

  • Lana Del Rey

    Lana Del Rey is a beauty, but how much of it was she born with and how much of it did she buy?

  • Elsa Patton

    Elsa is a prime example of what too much looks like!

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Welcome to the Latest Celebrity Plastic Surgery Gossip

Celebrities seem to be going out and getting plastic surgery like flocks of sheep these days. The craze won’t be settling down any day soon as more and more celebrities jump on the bandwagon towards glowing faces and more youthful skin.

The term “plastic surgery” is essentially a very broad term referring to the instrumental treatments or procedures performed on certain body regions for practical or aesthetic reasons. The procedure usually goes something like this: skin tissues are taken from one body region and are applied to another region that needs modification. It's an extremely common practice! However, if the skin tissue isn't sufficient or present, then alternate grafts like synthetic compounds, epithelial cells made in-vitro or allografts are used instead.

Why Many Celebrities Decide to Go Under the Knife

Why are so many celebrities going gung-ho over getting these treatments? That’s a great question. The answer most likely lies in the pressure many of these individuals feel to showcase their youthfulness, despite the sometimes-skewed sense of reality or perception of what genuine youthfulness entails. And so, many surgeons do strange, bizarre things that many wouldn’t ordinarily do if it weren’t for the dark requests that their clients ask for.

On one hand, we have to give celebrities a break. Everyone has that urge to improve themselves and look better in order to enhance their self-image while gaining a feeling of self-confidence. Many people are unhappy with the way they look, and if there exists a simple way to achieve the look of your dream, why not take advantage of it? Today, it is easier than ever before to augment or reduce the appearance of your breasts – it is as simple as getting braces. However, on the other hand, plastic surgery can be more extreme than mere teeth-straightening and can create disastrous results if one is not careful!

Media personalities and celebrities who walk the red carpet often reach their degree of acclaim and success by being intelligent, charming and attractive. With all of the money they make in their life, they can also get quite good at manipulating people in order to get what they need. Surgeons have trouble saying no to such requests and work hard to please these rich little beggars, even if they know that the risks may sometimes outweigh the benefits of some plastic surgery procedures.

Just like us common folk, celebrities aren't protected from making awful plastic surgery choices, especially if they don’t do enough research into finding a qualified cosmetic surgeon for their specific needs, or if their managers force them to do crazy plastic surgery procedures. Sometimes, celebrities really should do their homework to avoid certain disasters. Hint, hint – remember some of those disastrous results from Pamela Anderson, Victoria Beckham, Ashley Simpson and Halle Berry?

Two Types of Plastic Surgery Used By Celebrities

Not all is bad when it comes to celebrity plastic surgery. Sometimes they get it right and the results can be astounding. Hence, plastic surgery – when done right – often falls into two main categories: reconstructive and aesthetic.

  • 1.Reconstructive plastic surgery concentrates on reversing or hiding damage done to the face or other regions of the human body. This is the type of surgery that involves tissues from other regions of the body getting transferred to other locations.
  • 2.Aesthetic surgery involves modern techniques that are used to make a certain area of the body look better or more appealing. One of the most popular types of plastic surgery in this category is breast implantation.

Let’s now take a quick look at some of the most popular regions of the body that are celebrities have altered by plastic surgery:


Facial surgery is among the most common types of celebrity plastic surgery. Even guys aren't lagging in the race for gaining attractiveness and outstanding appearances, although the field is still mainly occupied by women. This practice isn’t always used to get drop-dead gorgeous looks. A complete surgical facelift calls for a wide array of procedures, which might entail work on the eyes, ears, nose, lips, chin, and brow, among others. For example, women may choose lip enhancement to make the lips appear more pulpy or firm. Yes, that’s how Melanie Griffith got that plumpy, thick look on her lips!

Other procedures can be done on the eyelids to create the impression of dazzling eyes. Botox is often used in these areas to remove the natural wrinkles that accumulate in this region as one ages. Famous Botox users are Donatella Versace, Simon Cowell, Priscilla Presley and Daryl Hannah.

The increasing variety of facial operations shows just how much both women and men can reap the benefits. With the unprecedented improvements in technology, advanced software applications are now at a surgeon's disposal so that anyone can quickly see a before-and-after shot of the operation.

Another common procedure done on the face is a facelift designed to entirely remove wrinkles. You are probably already thinking of Faye Dunaway, who overdid it just a bit! Nevertheless, despite the high price of plastic surgery, many celebrities will go through the process regardless of problems that can arise. Finally, we mustn’t forget the nose! Anyone who has admired Kate Middleton’s beautiful nose knows the value of getting a rhinoplasty. This procedure effectively reshapes the entire nose, and is commonly requested by both women and men.


Many celebrities get breast augmentation to effectively increase their bra size. Some women aren't born with large breasts and today it is no problem to enlarge one’s breasts. However it can come with a very hefty price tag. Reportedly, Demi Moore paid twenty grand to get hers done! Obviously having three children and a host of other procedures didn’t stop her from giving her breasts the full treatment.

While most celebrities such as Victoria Beckham, use breast implants to dramatically increase the size of their breasts (ahem! Dolly Parton); other celebrities get them purely for medical reasons, such as the famous TV show host Christina Applegate. Upon discovering a tumor, Christina Applegate underwent plastic surgery to cut out the tumor while implanting a new breast that matched the original size. This was a profoundly moving story that highlights the many positive aspects of getting plastic surgery on the breast.

Nevertheless, there appears to be a trend to make breasts appear larger and larger as time passes by. The famed actress and fashion designer Nicole Richie had a complete breast makeover that has allowed her to wear a full D-cup bra over the recent years – quite an increase from the original A-cup! Other honorable mentions go to Salma Hayek, Pamela Anderson and possibly Beyoncé.


Celebrity plastic surgery on the body is also commonly used after weight reduction, when there is a large amount of sagging skin. Essentially, this type of plastic surgery functions the same way as face lifting, meaning that lumps and bulges are greatly reduced as the skin is stretched up, if not removed entirely. The loose skin is usually most conspicuous around the buttocks, thighs and belly and often affects women who have undergone many pregnancies in the past.

Body lifting is generally performed in a hospital setting under anesthesia and can take several hours to remove all the excess skin from the abdominal area. This can also include repositioning of the belly button, while trying to remake the normal curves and contours of the body. Most patients have to remain a couple extra days in the hospital after this kind of surgery in order to reduce the chance of bleeding, swelling or other potential complications.

Another common treatment is liposuction in which excessive fat is removed from specific places of the body. The difference between a so-called ‘tummy tuck’ and liposuction plastic surgery is that the latter one removes sagging skin aside from merely tightening up the abs. Also, a tummy tuck is geared only towards the abdominal region. Both can yield outstanding results. Celebrities who have undergone this procedure include Angelina Jolie, Kate Gosselin, Courtney Love, Tara Reid, Britney Spears and Anna Nicole Smith.

Celebrity Men Who Undergo Plastic Surgery

What was once a girly matter is now growing in popularity with guys from all around the world. More and more men are becoming conscious of their health and fitness as well as of their desires for having a perfect body and appearing younger.

Some surgeons consider the main reason that there's been such an increase in plastic surgery for celebrity men is that many men have become more cognizant of the relationship between self-assurance and look. With many businesses being exceptionally competitive, guys are equating a successful appearance with self-confidence.

Perhaps the best-known example is Michael Jackson, whose look changed drastically throughout the course of his life. He had cheekbone operations, multiple nose operations and a forehead lift, among other procedures. Another great example is Burt Reynolds, who once confessed to having an operation around his eyes that changed his look for the better.


On LifetoStar, you can always find the latest gossip about celebrity plastic surgery news including major success stories and disastrous flops. We keep up with the latest fashion and celebrity newscasts to bring you some of the hottest celebrities on the planet right to your screen, including before and after shots. You’ll see just how remarkably powerful celebrity plastic surgery can be in reinventing someone’s appearance. We’ve also created a special section for celebrity men, which often don’t get as much exposure as women, but nevertheless offer a totally unique viewing experience on the transformative power of plastic surgery.

It’s not a secret that many celebrities turn to plastic surgeons in the pursuit for beauty, as an ideal appearance is a half of success in their profession.

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