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The most interesting fact in Jennifer Lopez plastic surgery is not this. According to plastic surgeons 70 per cent of women following their wish to correct their buns choose the forms like Jennifer Lopez’s. She has gained this treasure from Mother Nature and is very proud of it. She values it so much that she has insured it for 300 million dollars. But the question is “Has Jennifer Lopez done plastic surgery or not?”

Society gossip insists that pop-star has destroyed her face forever after an unsuccessful plastic operation. While supporting Barak Obama in France the star “shocked” the public with her new image. They explained it with a luckless operation. They thought it to be a botox overcharge and hoped to see the usual actress soon afterwards. Truly, the last Paris pics show Jen without any marks of terrible plastic surgery. Her face looks the same. She doesn’t look much older than her young boyfriend Casper Smart.

But plainly speaking stars of such a size cannot avoid a plastic scalpel. Experts have already mentioned that Jen used to take botox injections but no other more serious procedures. She is in great shape which is explained with her active way of life. She is now 44 and looks great. And you won’t be able to find a wrinkle on her face! Specialists are sure that such an effect can be got using botox injections and laser methodology Fraxel. But Lo herself denies this fact.

But looking at the photos it is obvious that she has come through rhinoplasty, having corrected her nose wings and the bridge. Moreover, the media mentions that she has done lips plastics and corrected the oval of her face. After having given birth to her twins she has gained her previous shape very soon and looks even better! The actress herself ignores the rumors and shocks us with her appearance.

Whether she has or has not done it, she is probably one of the stars who has not overdosed with plastic surgery. Her skin looks tight and fresh; she is not very slim but good-shaped and always looks cool. What is your opinion? Has Jay Lo done any interference into her body? Look at Jennifer Lopez before and after plastic surgery photos and give us your ideas.


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