Kenny Rogers Plastic Surgery

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Kenny Rogers is one of the most popular singers and songwriters. In his 75-years old age, he looks younger and a little bit unnatural as he has underwent plastic surgery procedures. Kenny Rogers had strong motivation. He’s married to Wanda Miller who is 20 years younger than he is. In order to maintain youthful appearance and not to look much older than his wife, the singer decided to undergo medical treatment. Besides, most Hollywood celebrities are demanded to look younger. Kenny Rogers must appeal to his fans regardless his age.

If anyone decides on plastic surgery, they often have fears and doubts. Kenny Rogers hesitated as well. He admitted that he underwent the first plastic surgery procedure in 1990. At that time, plastic surgery was not as developed and professional as it is now. Kenny Rogers was afraid that something might go wrong. However he attempted for face lifting. Some people assumed that he had used injectable filler to grid wrinkles, sagging skin and crow’s feet line. If we compare his pics before and after plastic surgery we can see that his wrinkles have disappeared and the skin has become tighter. He proved that he had used Botox injections, face lift and facial surgery.

Kenny Rogers plastic surgery made mass media enthusiastic. There were some rumors about one of his unsuccessful cosmetic procedures. It was said that his skin had become very tight and it looked unnatural. As the time passed, the wrinkles adjusted his tight skin. After several unsuccessful attempts Kenny Rogers decided to give up and age gracefully. Men unlike women are not eager to have many surgeries. If we look at his present photos we’ll see another man comparing to the one after his last plastic surgery. He looks more natural and perhaps more masculine now.

Kenny Rogers is one of the celebrities who experienced the surgeon’s knife for plastic surgery. He made several attempts to look younger that had different outcomes.


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