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Meg Ryan Plastic Surgery

Mag Ryan has become unrecognizable after her excessive plastic surgery. Some critics claimed that her career has been completely spoiled after this dramatic transformation.

Meg Ryan is a famous Hollywood actress who is known for her roles in “When Harry Met Sally”, “You've Got Mail”, “Sleepless in Seattle”, “Courage Under Fire” and some other Soap Operas of the 80-s. She was born on November 19, 1961 and had good acting skills from childhood. When Ryan gained fame in 1980, she was certainly one of the most beautiful girls in Hollywood. At the young age her charming and innocent look was often compered to Madonna. However, the plastic surgery has completely altered her appearance.

Meg Ryan before and after plastic surgery

A comparison of before & after photos of Meg Ryan reveals a huge difference between her natural beauty and present features. Meg was a beauty queen till 1996. She has gone under the knife several times and finally her new look was fully condemned by her audience and media.

Meg has used too much Botox injections, so her present face resembles a funny cartoon character. Ryan had her lips and cheeks injected with fillers to make them look swollen. Moreover, she had an eyebrow and forehead lift. All this makes her look surprised and stretched out. Her eyes seem pulled slanted, so Ryan looks a bit stretched back now. Besides, some reporters have noticed huge changes in her breast. Paparazzi are constantly trying to ask Meg about her breast surgery, but the actress avoids answering this question.

Her past pics are so nice that most fans feel sorry for her recent freaky features. Many people say that all those procedures make Ryan look like a monster. On the other hand, plenty of Meg fans claim that she is not so bad and still love her for her past youthful appearance and remarkable acting. So, what do you think? Is Ryan still an attractive woman or just a victim of bad plastic surgery? You may express your personal opinion and leave your comment bellow.

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There is no way to go back in this life. Meg Ryan has lifted my spirits with every performance and although it is nice to stay young, Ms. Ryan is a talented, beautiful actress and will always possess a charm unrivaled by no one in the art world. No amount of surgery will change what she has accomplished and how wonderful she is!!!!! Thank You Ms. Ryan


Meg, why, I WAS watching HAWII FIVE 0, All i think about is " YOU GOT MAIL. and THE BEST MOVIE IN THE WORLD YOU EVER MADE WAS" SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE".I cried when i saw that episode. Why cant you call someone if you are feeling pressure to feel good about yourself. Meg no one in this world is better than your sanity. Love your #1 fan Gerri.


My goodness!... It’s a horror! Why did she do so to herself?? She actually looks like a duck! Does Ryan really think she is hot now??


Nothing wrong, just older. Maybe Ryan looked nice before plastic surgery, but… She looks pretty good for her 50+ age.


I just don't understand – WHY?? Why do the celebs want to look like Donald? Duck??? Meg was much better before this idiotic surgery!

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